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How I Work

When drawing people, I will book a couple of sittings with each subject in their own home. The first will be spent sketching different poses before settling on, and working on, a preferred one. I also take photographs. I then return to my studio with the early stages of the portrait under way, and continue to work on it. I will later return for a second sitting. Only occasionally will a third be required. Children’s portraits frequently take a long time to complete due to the difficulty of fitting the sittings in to the school holiday times and weekends. 


For portraits of horses, I will visit and spend an hour or so with the horse. I will sketch it, make colour notes and photograph it. During the photography it is a great help to have another person present to hold it. Horses, as a rule, look their best in their summer coats so I expect to visit horses from May to September, though there can be exceptions.


Dogs are an all year round subject, and the same routine of sketching, making colour notes and photographing is applied. Again it is very helpful to have a second person present to help ‘organise’ the dog.





The price includes materials, visits and delivery .For clients who live at a distance greater than 30 miles radius from my studio I charge £30 per hour of travelling time. The portraits are unframed. If a client requires assistance with choosing a frame I can offer advice or arrange the framing for them.



from £1000


from £750


from £2200 in full colour
from £800 in monotone


I do not ask for a deposit or advance payment but expect to be paid on delivery of the portrait.


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